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About Our Company

We're a young company devoted to produce online radio solutions. Digital Radio started with desktops but it's now used on mobile phones and included in almost each and every new car entertainment system produced nowadays and with huge advantages:

  • Clear sound with no interferences.
  • Not limited to FM coverage.
  • It can be listened everywhere on this planet!
  • Produced with a fraction of the price of regular FM stations
  • Professional radio made with professionals.
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Increase brand awareness

The perfect solution to get closer to your clients and let them know what you've been up to through regular commercial, giveaway competitions or hour sponsoring.

Reach more potential clients

Your business need to grow and if you can reach the same potential listeners with a fraction of the budget you're used to in regular FM stations and with wider coverage... Why not?

Tailor made solutions

We're here to help and provide tailor made solutions to your business.

The future of radio is here

The answer to the one million question: What will happen to radio? It's going digital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help. Here are some of the common questions from our customers. If you don't find what you need get in touch with us!

It’s the corporate brand to give a common ground to our online projects. Although each project has it’s own identity we want listeners to be aware of our radio Portfolio. We proudly announce each project of being part of our Network each our on each radio.

Like in FM radios you can contact us to do radio commercials, hour sponsoring, competitions or tailor made solutions to meet your needs. Just contact us.

Internet radio is planetary. Listeners are not confined to local or national coverage. Our radios are listened in all the countries in the world. That’s why we prefer to use the english language because it’s the most universal one. We’re however proud of being Portuguese and that’s why we already have some of our stations being broadcasted in English and Portuguese separated versions. We’re also prepared to do segmentation every time we feel there’s a country or language that deserves an exclusive version of our products.

You can listen to each of our radios:

  • On our desktop or mobile individual websites
  • On radio apps like Tunein, Mytuner Radio or Audials
  • On our own apps available on Apple and Android stores

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Just go ahead and shoot your questions. We're here to help!